Jacques Valiquette donated a wonderful book to the Bigelow Garden at the 25th Anniversary Garden Party. The book “Flore Laurentienne” was accompanied by a companion notebook. The book was compiled and published in 1935 by Frère Marie-Victorin, D.Sc., de l’Institut des Frères des Écoles Chretiennes. Frère Marie-Victorin was a member of the Royal Society of Canada and Directeur de l’Institut Botanique de l’Université de Montréal.


The book has over 20 maps and 2800 illustrations by Frère Alexandre, L. Sc. who was also a professor of Biology at École Mont-Saint-Louis. The books are now in the Bigelow section of the Georgeville Historical Society’s Archives, where they can be consulted by members.  


We thank Jacques very much for such a thoughtful and interesting present.




There has been an addition to the Garden. Early in the summer, we installed a donation box which was built by Victoria Vinters.


The box is located to the left of the entrance gate. It has the appearance of a bird house and so to date has attracted the attention of garden visitors who have been very generous supporting our little garden.



One example of a donation, while not monetary is quite special:


Merci à vous tous qui est sans noms pour nous.

d’etretenir et d’embellir ce petit coin de paradis

C’est toujours un Plaisir pour nous une fois par année

de venir visiter votre beau jardin.


Renald et Ginette et Billy (notre petit chien)

Mont Saint Hilaire




While we like to welcome all to the Garden, it is appreciated and encouraged to leave four-legged friends outside the fence.


A post and hook to hold dog leads has been installed to the right of the gate for visiting dogs such as “Billy”!




Each week one of the plants in the Garden is featured. Thanks to the generosity of Pierre Marcotte in Magog, we now have a pretty, wrought iron stand upon which we can display the pertinent information regarding the chosen plant.




A new bench made by Larry Bernais has been built to replace the old one situated outside the Garden under the apple tree. It is very comfortable and often visitors have a rest in the shade while enjoying their visit to the Garden and village.





As part of our presence in the Canada Day Parade, we commissioned a permanent Bigelow Garden Banner for that and future events.